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Fishbowl Affect

Pastor Justin Goins

What do people learn about Christ by observing you? Fishbowl Affect Podcast channel is geared to help Christians live in/out their proverbial fishbowls. In 2 Timothy 4:12 Paul tells young Pastor Timothy how to live as an example to his church and city because they were all watching him. Via word picture, Timothy was in the Fishbowl Affect. As Christians, we too are in fishbowls. The world is watching us and looking to see if we are real or fake. We aren't to take this lightly, but we should also see it as a privilege to have Christ live through us so that we are Christ-like examples. Fishbowl Affect Podcast discusses biblical text with an emphasis on teaching Christians how to live out Christ in their "fishbowls". Once again, what do people learn about Christ by observing you?